Puma Prints - FAQ

File Setup / Design / Products

What file types are accepted?
Acceptable files: PDF, EPS, TIF, JPG, PNG. We don't accept Adobe Illustrator (AI) or Photoshop Files (PSD) because opening files created in these programs in different version can cause errors and problems with your files. We suggest you send your image as a high quality PDF or image file.
Should my fonts be outlined?
YES! Outlining your vector fonts will make sure there is no errors or changes to fonts when we open your files.
What color space should I send my files in?
All files should be sent in CMYK. All files submitted in RGB will be converted to CMYK which may result in undesirable color changes.

What do you recommend for rich black color?
Rich black is an ink mixture of 100% solid black with additional CMY ink values. This results in a darker tone than black ink alone. If you print black alone as 100% K, the resulting black may appear gray. We recommend the following CMYK properties for achieving rich black C-60,M-40, Y-40,K-100.

Why do my blues print purple?
Blue and purple are very close in the color spectrum. A CMYK blue set at 100% Cyan and 100% Magenta will look very blue on-screen and appear purple after offset print or digital print. To resolve this issue, make sure Magenta is 30% less than Cyan when using very high Cyan values.

What about overprint?
Overprint can cause unexpected results. We suggest that you turn all overprint objects off before submitting your files. 
What are the bleed requirements?
Check the product page for bleed requirements. All Art Requirements for the specific product are located on the bottom of the product page.
What are your resolution requirements?
Check the product page for minimum resolution requirements. All Art Requirements for the specific product are located on the bottom of the product page. Typically for banners or signs meant to be viewed from very far away you can go as low as 72 dpi, for posters and all products seen close up should be closer to 300 dpi.
Should I include crop marks in my file?
Check the product page for crop mark requirements, some need crop marks, others do not. All Art Requirements for the specific product are located on the bottom of the product page.

My file has transparencies, will it print OK?
Transparencies can cause problems with some prints. We suggest flattening all files and transparencies, including outlining fonts.

How do I upload?
You use the upload file button located on the product ordering page. If for some reason the file upload fails. Please email info@pumaprints.com with your files.

Will I get a proof?
Yes, you can request a proof for your design. We will not begin production until the proof is approved.

How should I design for frosted / clear transparent plastic cards?
When desiging for frosted / clear transparent plastic card keep in mind that all white areas will be frosted/clear transparent on the final plastic card product. All inked areas will also be semi-transparent depending on color density. Darker colors and bolder/larger fonts work the best. Please design accordingly.

Why are some of my plastic cards scratched?
With the clear plastic cards, there might be a small percentage that may have light scratches. This issue originates from the manufacturer and is due to the material and handling. To help compensate for this, we run overs of the clear plastic cards to help meet the required quantity. Clear plastic cards will come with a thin protective layer on one side that can be peeled off. This is to prevent the cards from scratching during packaging and shipping.

What is the difference between the 10 PT Poly Frost Plastic Frosted Cards and the 20 PT Plastic Frosted Cards?
The biggest and obvious difference is the that the 20PT cards are thicker and more sturdy. The 10PT cards are thinner and more flexible. Both made of plastic means they are durable and tear and water resistant. The next difference is that the 10PT cards have a slight texture on one side, the 20PT cards are smooth. The 10PT Poly Frost cards are also slightly more transparent than the 20PT cards, meaning the design and colors will show more transparency. 10PT Poly Frost cards rounded corners are optional where as the 20PT cards rounded corners are required. Both card will leave a great impression. The 10PT may be more budget friendly for you!

Production & Shipping

How long will it take to get my order? / What is the turnaround time?
Print time is based on size of order and the product ordered. You can find the estimated turnaround time on each individual product page. Once shipped the product usually will take about 1-4 days ground shipment depending on where the product is shipped. These times are based on regular working business day and excludes Holidays and weekends. 
Who do you use to ship?
Puma Prints uses all three of the main U.S. carriers, USPS, UPS, and FEDEX depending on best cost per product. All shipments will be shipped ground.

Where do you ship to?
Puma Prints will ship to the continental US only - lower 48 states. Please contact us for a custom quote for other shipping destinations including Hawaii, Alaska and Internationally.

What about large shipments?
Banners over 5 feet will be folded. Folds vary depending on the overall size. Folds usually don't, but may cause minor damage to the banner during shipping. Extremely large quantity orders may take longer for production than the standard listed turnaround time.

What payment do you accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, & Discover Card through PayPal credit card processing. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use a credit card. All payments are made online only. No COD payments.

Do you charge sales tax?
We charge sales tax only for purchases made in the state of Ohio.